MOST Forum 2010: International MOST Conference & Exhibition

03/23/2010 8:00 am

Join the Infotainment Community in Frankfurt

Professionals from the automotive electronics industry and academia will get together at the MOST Forum 2010 on March 23, 2010, in Frankfurt: This international conference and exhibition promises to be a very interesting program covering a broad field of topics with a wide range of information on MOST infotainment technology. The MOST Forum provides an ideal venue to share ideas and experiences, and to discuss the latest news on this de-facto automotive infotainment standard including results of recent work on systems, circuits, technologies, processes and applications. The conference provides a forum for a broad audience reaching from researchers, designers, engineers, system developers, to purchasers and journalists, and to the managers of the industries involved.

Conference Program

10.00 Registration and Reception Coffee
10.30 Opening
and Welcoming Speech

Moderation: Henry Muyshondt,
MOST Cooperation

10.35 MOST150 - Development and Production Launch from an OEM's Perspective
Jens Koetz / Stephan Esch / Alexander Schneidenbach, Audi
Keynote Speech
11.00 Dependencies of Bandwidth of Polymer Optical Fiber for MOST Systems

Prof. Dr. Juergen Krapp, University of Applied Science Aalen

MOST Physical Layer
11.25 High Speed 500 Mbps GaN Green LEDs and their Application to POF Communication Module

Yukitoshi Inui / Chris Mesnager / Naoyuki Okita, TOYODA GOSEI

11.40 Use of the MOST150 Physical Layer Stress Test Tool in Development and Production


12.00 Automated Determination of Worst-Case Scenarios for the MOST Optical Physical Layer Specification Rev. 3.0

Andreas Braun / Dr. Oliver Bringmann / Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rosenstiel, FZI (Research Center for Information Technology)
Markus Becht, Harman/Becker

12.15 Lunch / Networking / Exhibition
13.45 MOST Control Channel Modelling

John Leslie, Jaguar; Ross McMurran, University of Warwick

MOST Modelling and Simulation
14.10 Analysis and Cure of Timing Master Faults

Dr. rer. nat. Bernhard Fechner, University Hagen

14.25 MHP Protocol Verification and Performance Analysis of Different MHP Configurations Using Virtual Prototypes

Andreas Braun / Dr. Oliver Bringmann / Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rosenstiel, FZI (Research Center for Information Technology)

14.45 MOST150 for Safety Related Applications

Dr. Jens Christian Lisner / Johannes Specht, TUEV Nord

15.10 Coffee Break / Networking / Exhibition
15.40 Using UPnP in a MOST Environment

Dr. Alexander Leonhardi / Thomas Gschwandtner / Rico Hauke / Dr. Matthias Stuempfle, Daimler

MOST Network and System Architecture
16.05 UPnP as proposal for a MOST / IP bridge

Josef Noebauer / Helge Zinner, Continental

16.20 High Performance Audio Streaming Framework for MOST

Sabeen A, Nestgroup; Manju Venugopal, Continental Automotive

16.35 Using MOST as General Purpose Communication Protocol

Tobias Follner, K2L

16.50 MOST Within and Beyond Infotainment

Harald Schoepp, SMSC

17.10 Evaluation of MOST150 Technology

Dr. Steffen Abbenseth, Volkswagen;

Alexander Schneidenbach, Audi

17.30 Conclusion and End of Conference