The Plastic Optical Fiber Trade Organization strives to actively promote the proliferation of Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) systems serving both data communication and non-data markets.

Discussion & Strategy on the Development of POF Standards

The Plastic Optical Fiber Trade Organization (POFTO) is organizing a workshop on March 23 at OFC/NFOEC on "Discussion and Strategy on the Development of POF Standards". All those interested in the development of POF Standards are invited to attend. This workshop is open to both POFTO and non-POFTO members and will include both POF and PCS. A review of existing POF standards and recent activities will be presented to start the discussion as well as the Global POF Installation Guide (GPOFIG) Proposal.

Please take a few minutes to review this proposal and post your comments on the new Global POF Infrastructure Guide (GPOFIG) Topic on the POFTO Forum section of the website.

The workshop will be held in Room 30A of the San Diego Convention Center from 2:00 - 5:00 pm on March 23. Please plan to attend if at all possible as this is a critical need for the future development of the POF industry.

So that we have an idea of who may be able to attend, contact either Paul Mulligan or Paul Polishuk.

POF Directory 2009 Ads & Listings Deadline Extended Through Friday

POFTO plans to distribute 5,000 copies of the 2009 Edition of the POF Directory at trade shows and through direct mail to qualified end users and design engineers in the computer, audiovisual, consumer, automotive, industrial control, medical and home networking fields. In addition, copies will be made available to advertisers as promotional tools.Two listing types are available, a basic listing (consisting of company name, contact information and a 25-word product description) or a one-page ad. The one-page ad option includes a B&W image of the company's logo or product as well as a listing of any additional sales offices.

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POFTO members receive significant discounts as listed.

Full page color inserts, inside and back cover ads are also still available. New listings and materials must be received by February 28, 2009 for inclusion.

Member Companies

POFTO Member Companies

MOST Cooperation Exhibits at the 1st International Automotive Electronics Technology Expo

On January 28th to 30th, 2009, the MOST Cooperation presented latest technology achievements to the Japanese public at the 1st International Automotive Electronics Technology Expo (CAR ELE) show in Tokyo, Japan. MOST50 and MOST150 demonstrations were shown at booth East 19-36 in the East Hall 1 at the Tokyo Big Sight. The CAR ELE Japan was an excellent opportunity for the MOST Cooperation to show both MOST50 electrical Physical Layer as well as MOST150 optical Physical Layer to a broad Asian audience. The numerous visitors were deeply impressed by the showcase that focused on the efficiency of MOST Technology due to synchronous transmission.

On Friday, January 30th, Dr. Christian Thiel, Administrator of the MOST Cooperation, spoke about "Carmakers from Europe and Asia Integrate MOST as the Standard for Multimedia Networking in Vehicles" in the Technical Conference Session "The Most Recent Trends in In- vehicle Network for Ever-evolving Automobiles". His presentationfurthermore confirmed MOST as the international de-facto standard for automotive infotainment.

Firecomms Announces Availability of MOST150 Transceiver Demonstrated in Hyundai Autonet Infotainment Network

Cork, Ireland?January 26, 2009?Firecomms today announces the availability of its new MOST150 fiber optic transceiver (FOT), which provides a bandwidth of 150 Mbps for highspeed automotive infotainment networks over Plastic Optical Fiber (POF). Firecomms new MOST150 FOT has been used successfully to demonstrate the capabilities of the next-generation MOST150 infotainment network being developed by Hyundai Autonet.

The FOT is included in a connector system developed and marketed by Alps Electric Co. Ltd. “Our collaboration with Hyundai Autonet culminated in a demonstration by the Tier 1 infotainment supplier that has proven the operation of our new devices within the pioneering Hyundai Autonet system,” says Niall Keegan, Firecomms’ general manager of Asia Pacific. “The Firecomms MOST150 FOT allowed us to demonstrate successfully, and in the shortest time possible, the features and capabilities of our new MOST150 system to our automotive customers,” says Mr. Jack Kim, manager of the AV Team, Multimedia R&D at Hyundai Autonet.

MOST150 is already making its way into future vehicles. In addition to higher bandwidth MOST150 features an isochronous transport mechanism to support extensive video applications, as well as an Ethernet channel for the efficient and seamless 15 transport of IPbased packet data. Thus, MOST150 provides the automotive-ready physical layer for Ethernet in the car.

Firecomms Secures Swisscom Investment for Plastic Optical Fiber Home Networking Technology

Cork, Ireland--January 14, 2009--Firecomms, a provider of high-speed Plastic Optical Fiber components, has closed a $5M funding round that includes a significant investment from Switzerland-based telecom provider Swisscom.

"Already an adopter of Firecomms' IPTV interconnect technology, Swisscom has first hand experience with the advantages of Plastic Optical Fiber in the home," says Firecomms' CEO Declan O'Mahoney. "As Swisscom is an innovative leader in IPTV deployment, this investment is a huge validation of our home networking technology and it will enable us to continue to expand our business with Telcos all over the world."

"Firecomms' technology has enabled us to offer a Swisscom-branded Fiber Optic self install solution today. Our engineers have recognized the advantage of Firecomms' Plastic Optical Fiber technology in reducing and simplifying the install time for our IPTV subscribers," says Pär Lange, investment partner with Swisscom. "We believe our investment in Firecomms will lead to more collaboration between our companies, which will result in the widespread adoption of POF technology throughout the IPTV world."

Global POF Infrastructure Guide Proposed

This post is an invitation to participate in the development of a Global POF Infrastructure guide and to determine who is interested in helping to fund and develop the guide


Global POF Infrastructure Guide (GPOFIG) Proposal
Download the full text here

Please take a few minutes to review this document and post your comments on the new POFTO Forum section of the website to link to for questions for the whole community.

You can of course also reply directly to any POFTO Board Member. We will also be having a meeting concerning this Global POF Infrastructure guide at the OFC/NFOEC 2009 conference in March. Thanks for your time in advance.

Information Gatekeepers, Inc. Announces New Active Optical Cables Report

ACTIVE OPTICAL CABLES (AOC) have created considerable “buzz” in the optical connectivity business over the past year. Active Optical Cables Market Report 2009, POFTO Secretariat, Information Gatekeepers, Inc.'s first report on the AOC market, examines several market segments expect to generate significant business growth over the next five years. The report includes fifteen separate market segment forecasts, covering four platform types, four bus standards, and five platform categories. It contains over 160 figures and tables. According to the report, cumulative cable revenue is expected to exceed $8.5 billion (US) from 2009 through 2013 just for the application segments included in this report. Single-year revenue is expected to grow from the present-year level of <$100 million to over $1.1 billion in 2010, then up to over $2.6 billion by 2013. As additional application segments are included in the overall market, the total revenue numbers can be expected to increase substantially over these conservative figures.

Several key high-volume applications segments were chosen for this report. Emphasis was given to ones with products using digital electronic interfaces running either at or above 5Gbps, as well as those demanding extended cable lengths beyond 2-5 meters at this spped. It is already well understood that copper-based cables are experiencing significant challenges in this performance range, thus offering significant copper-displacement sales opportunity for AOC providers. More information.

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