COMOSS Releases POF Evaluation Board Series

logoCOMOSS Plastic Optical Fiber Evaluation Board Series allows the user to examine a data link over POF and to test the operation of the fiber optic transceivers. Each evaluation board carries the POF transceiver components in a through-hole of OPTOLOCKR connecter. The electrical input and output lines from the transceiver are brought out to SMA connectors. The input accepts an LVDS/CML or PECL data source such as a Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT), Pattern Generator, or other signal source. A full-duplex Step Index POF cable links the optical signal to the second board. The receive side of the transceiver generates LVDS/CMS - compatible differential output data signals. The boards are capable of full-duplex operation. In addition to the data input and output signals, the transmitter side also has a Rex input to control the optical power. For normal operation, this input may be tied to ground. The receiver side also provides a Signal Detect (SD) output. If not required, this output may be left open circuit.

Download Evaluation Board Series Data Sheet (PDF)