Top 5 Reasons to Meet Firecomms/Mitsubishi Rayon at IPTV World Forum

logoAt the heart of five amazing announcements over the past 12 months is Plastic Optical Fiber technology from Mitsubishi Rayon, and Firecomms' groundbreaking OptoLock optical transceiver.

To discover why these operators, box builders, and professional organizations have embraced POF for home networking applications, book a meeting with Firecomms/Mitsubishi Rayon (meeting room #13) at the IPTV World Forum at the Olympia London on 23-25 March.

An amazing array of OptoLock-enabled products will be on display at the show, so book early to guarantee a time slot to discuss your requirements and to find a solution that fits your needs.

Top 5 Reasons to Meet Firecomms/Mitsubishi Rayon at IPTV World Forum

  1. Orange (France Telecom) deploys POF for FTTH home networking. Reports 98% customer satisfaction ratings.

  2. Swisscom deploys POF in its IPTV home network offering. Preferred option by installers due to considerable improvements in install times.

  3. Motorola and Cisco offer POF port option on next generation IPTV set top boxes.

  4. Portugal Telecom trial POF across its national installer base for IPTV home networking. Reports 25% saving in install times.

ETSI releases specifications for POF-based home networks and POF kit shortlisted as best CPE solution by Society of Broadband Professionals.

Simply go to our Meeting Room Appointment Calendar to find a time slot that suits you. (Just enter your company name and contact details.) Alternatively drop us a line with your requested time and we'll slot it in for you.

Look forward to seeing you at the show!

The Firecomms/Mitsubishi Marketing Team