OptoLock®-Enabled Genexis Fiber Termination Unit Supports End-to-End Fiber-Powered Home Networking

OptoLock®-Enabled Genexis Fiber Termination Unit Supports End-to-End Fiber-Powered Home Networking

logoCork, Ireland- February 18, 2010 - Firecomms, a leading developer of high-speed Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) transceivers, is pleased to announce that its OptoLock plugless fiber optic transceiver has been embedded in the first POF-enabled Fiber Termination Unit to offer seamless end-to-end fiber optic networking. Offered by Genexis, the POF-enabled FiberXport® Fiber Termination Unit, which will be shown at the 2010 FTTH Council Europe Conference next week, enables a true end-to-end fiber network by converting the glass fiber network into a plastic optical fiber Ethernet home network.

Genexis new CPE is the first POF-enabled product to provide a seamless fiber-powered home network, says Hugh Hennessy, vice president of sales and marketing for Firecomms. By bridging the gap between glass fiber and an Ethernet home network, this new product based on Firecomms popular OptoLock technology successfully deploys fiber directly to the set top box.

The design of OptoLock enables the fiber to be cut and terminated to the exact required length on site, enabling even the most novice consumer to quickly and easily terminate the bare optical fiber. This means that OptoLock enables all the advantages of optical fiber to be brought into the home with do-it-yourself simplicity and costs. The benefits of this simple, robust high-speed interface will be significant as high-speed services like 100 Mb IPTV are delivered into the home.

Our relationship with Firecomms allows us to bring a highly valuable POF product to the market to meet our customers needs, says Luuk Pals, vice president new business development for Genexis. With its unlimited bandwidth, our POF-enabled CPE is a logical step for Genexis as it gives customers a solid, reliable and very fast in-house infrastructure. This technology prepares our customers for new services like entertainment, healthcare, e-learning, and home automation.

The 2010 FTTH Council Europe Conference will be held on February 24 and 25 in Lisbon, Portugal. The Genexis POF-based Fiber Termination Unit with OptoLock will be shown on stand S28.

Firecomms leads the development of devices to drive POF, a low-cost optical alternative to copper cabling. Due to its ease of use, large core tolerances, and low costs, POF is enjoying substantial growth in home network and point-to-point interconnection. The annual worldwide POF market is estimated to be worth over $2.5 billion in 2011, according to market research by Information Gatekeepers.

About Firecomms Ltd.

Firecomms, a semiconductor company, develops high-speed optical components that drive IPTV home networks and in-car multimedia entertainment systems. The companys revolutionary OptoLock® technology, licensed worldwide, has created the ability to bring fiber into every home in the world. Firecomms is headquartered in Cork, Ireland and has facilities in Japan and the USA. Additional information about the company can be found on its web site at www.firecomms.com. OptoLock is a registered trademark of Firecomms Ltd. About Genexis BV Genexis is a trendsetting European company dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of home gateways for fiber-to-the-home networks. Genexis design philosophy takes into account the full product lifetime: from investment and installation through to operation, the companys FiberXport® product line proves to deliver the lowest cost of ownership. At the same time, it focuses on developing new concepts and products aimed to take full advantage of the benefits of optical fiber.

The companys solid technical knowledge and skills in fiber technology, Ethernet/IP and CATV networks, result in superior product performance. To meet and exceed its customers future expectations, Genexis participates in several innovative research programs. Genexis is based in Eindhoven, the Netherlandsthe center of one of Europes key high-tech regions. Additional information can be found at www.genexis.eu.

OptoLock is a registered trademark of Firecomms Ltd.

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