The Latest MOST® Technology is Ready for Implementation with Suppliers Supporting MOST150 Realization

logoThe MOST Cooperation - the organization through which the leading automotive multimedia network Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) is standardized - proudly announces that the newest Specification Rev. 3.0 is on its way to production. Various car makers have already started with first series projects implementing this latest MOST Technology. MOST150 enables the use of a higher bandwidth of 150 Mbps, an isochronous transport mechanism to support extensive video applications, and an embedded Ethernet channel for efficient transport of IP-based packet data. It succeeds in providing significant speed enhancements and breakthroughs while keeping costs down. The new Intelligent Network Interface Controller (INIC) architecture complies with Specification Rev. 3.0 and expands the audio/video capability for next generation automotive infotainment devices such as Head Units, Rear Seat Entertainment, Amplifiers, TV-Tuners and Video Displays.

With the first car makers committing to the MOST150 network in selected vehicles from 2011 on, the suppliers of MOST devices, tools, and software solutions are focusing on optimizing their MOST150 product portfolio to ease the implementation in future car models. Key targets are cost efficiency and low power consumption while meeting MOST compliance requirements. MOST solutions and tools are already available to enable successful infotainment implementations at the OEM and supplier level. The built-in signal routing and enhanced power management features are important building blocks for successful MOST system design.