POF Symposium @ OFC/NFOEC 2010

03/25/2010 10:00 am

On March 25th, POFTO hosted the "POF Symposium @ NFOEC/OFC 2010" on the show floor. Over a dozen presentations were made over a three hour period on the latest development of POF and its applications. The audience filled up the main seating area and people were standing in the aisles.

Of special interest, was a presentation by AT&T on their experience in wiring four homes in the Northern California area. The objective was to learn how installers would react to POF and what was needed in the way of new equipment and interfaces to make this a viable option for AT&T installation of home wiring.

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Options for Current and Future POF Home Networks
Bill Rollins, Arvind Mallya, AT&T
Integrated Optical Home Networks for IPTV and Multimedia Applications
Josef Faller, HomeFibre Digital Network GmbH
Plastic Optical Fiber in the Home: Operator Case Studies
John Lambkin, Firecomms Ltd.
10 Gbit/s Over Plastic Optical Fiber as a Way for Extremely Low-cost Optical Interconnection
Sven Loquai, Roman Kruglov, Olaf Ziemann, Juri Vinogradov, Christian-Alexander Bunge POF-AC, Nuernberg, Germany
Perfluorinated GI-POF systems for Active Optical Cables and Interconnects
Whitney White, Chromis Fiber
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Olaf Ziemann, Prof. Dr. Hans PoiselProf. Dr. , POF Application Center - University of Nuremburg Germany
Bend-insensitive Polymer Optical Fibers
Olaf Ziemann, Juri Vinogradov, Michael Luber, POF Application Center, Nuernberg; Peter Kroeplin, Sojitz, Germany
POF Simulation Tool
Sven Loquai, Roman Kruglov, Olaf Ziemann, POF Applications Center; Christian Alexander Bunge, HFTL, Germany
Report of European POF-Plus Project
Robert Gaudino, ISMB, Italy
Gigabit Ethernet over POF using LEDs
Sebastian Randel1, Jeffrey Lee2, and Florian Breyer3 1 Siemens AG, Corporate Technology, CT T COM, Munich, Germany 2 TU Eindhoven, COBRA Institute, Eindhoven, The Netherlands 3 TU Mu?nchen, Institute for Communications Engineering , Munich, Germany
Multi-Gigabit Transmission over Graded Index PMMA POF using DMT Techniques
Eduward Tangdiongga, Hejie Yang, Chigo Okonkwo, Yan Shi, Henrie Ven der Boom, Ton Koonen; TU Eindhoven, Netherlands
Integrated Receiver Technology for High-speed POF Systemsegrated Receiver Technology for High-speed POF Systems
Integrated Receiver Technology for High-speed POF Systemsegrated Receiver Technology for High-speed POF Systems Holger Holtke¹, Josef Witt¹, Nicholas Schenk², Norbert Weiner³, Sven Loquai4; ¹Silicon Line, Germany, ²Avago, Germany, ³Fraunhofer, Germany,4POFAC, Germany
POF Sensor Applications
Joseba Zubia, Univ. Bilbao, Spain
KDPOF, The Path for the Gigabit POF
Carlos Pardo, CEO, KDPOF

POF Applications Center Exhibitors