Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter Kit from Electronic Links International

Binghamton,NY– 17October2014

Electronic Links International, Inc. is introducing a preliminary POF Media Converter Kit capable to deliver 1 G
data over 50 meters of POF duplex wire. The system is based on using the Gigabit Ethernet POF transceiver
chips produced by KDPOF The converter is a point to point high quality reliable conversion of a copper signal to Plastic Optical Fiber.


-IEEE802.3x fullduplex connection using standard POF wire

- Fullduplex 1Gbps per direction, over 50 meters of standard POF wire

-Gigabit Ethernet Interface via standard RJ45 connectors

-Easy termination without the use of special tool sand connectors

-No electromagnetic interference

-No loss of data transmission such as could be with Wi-Fi

The KIT contains: two converters, two RJ 45 cables, a simple POF cutter, two power supplies and 50
meters of plenum-rated duplex 2.2x4.4 POF wire.

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