Electronic Links Introduces Polymer Cable Assemblies Based on the MIL-38999 Requirements

Binghamton, NY – In supporting data delivery, based on the MIL-38999 requirements, ELII is introducing a family of cable assemblies using a 1 mm core polymer cable with an operating temperature of -55 to 105 C.

The product will be showed at OFC in the Los Angeles Convention Center on March 6-8, Booth #2733. www.OFCNFOEC.org

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Typical Applications

  • • Military ground vehicles

  • • Military aircraft

  • • Commercial aircraft

  • • Radar

  • • Battle field equipment

Characteristic of the assemblies:

  • • Robust pins and sockets

  • • Lower cost than typical glass fiber termination

  • • No cross talk, low weight

  • • Contact wire assembly is achieved by gluing

  • • Alignment sleeve