New Electronic Links International POF Connector System Ideal for Industrial Applications


 Electronic Links International Inc. today introduces its new printed circuit board Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) connector and mating POF cable assembly for industrial applications, such as industrial vision, machine control, power system control, solar panel tracking control, and robotics.

Taking advantage of Firecomms’ Industrial Data Link (IDL) series Fiber Optic Transceivers (FOT), ELI’s new industrial connector systemincludes connectors with apositivelatching mechanism for a stable connection, and can deliver data at a rate of 200 Mbps, up to 50meters using a POF cable with a 0.3 NA.

Firecomms' IDL FOT is an RCLED-based 650 nm solution designed to provide fast data communication links over POF in industrialenvironments. This FOT is compatible with low voltage differential signaling for seamless integration into existing logic bus structures.

“Firecomms is pleased to have our IDL series FOTs embedded in an additional innovative connector system for industrial applications that require a ruggedized latching connector for demanding environments,” says Lawrence Thorne, Firecomms’ vice president of sales and marketing for the Americas.

 Details about the new printed circuit board connector and cable assembly can be found on the ELI website at Information about Firecomms' industrial FOTs and other products is available on the Firecomms website at

Samples of the connector system will be on display at the POF Applications Center @ OFC/NFOEC 2011.

 About Electronic Links International, Inc.

Electronic Links International Inc. develops standard and custom plastic optical fiber connectors, cable assemblies, and other devices. By actively participating in standards committees and working closely with providers of new technology, this US-based company is positioned to bring cutting-edge technology to the market quickly and efficiently. Additional information about Electronic Links International is available at

About Firecomms
Firecomms, a semiconductor company, develops high-speed optical components that drive fiber optic networks in home, industrial, and automotive applications. The company’s revolutionary OptoLock® technology, licensed worldwide, has created the ability to bring fiber into every home in the world.
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