Information Gatekeepers, Inc. Announces New Active Optical Cables Report

ACTIVE OPTICAL CABLES (AOC) have created considerable “buzz” in the optical connectivity business over the past year. Active Optical Cables Market Report 2009, POFTO Secretariat, Information Gatekeepers, Inc.'s first report on the AOC market, examines several market segments expect to generate significant business growth over the next five years. The report includes fifteen separate market segment forecasts, covering four platform types, four bus standards, and five platform categories. It contains over 160 figures and tables. According to the report, cumulative cable revenue is expected to exceed $8.5 billion (US) from 2009 through 2013 just for the application segments included in this report. Single-year revenue is expected to grow from the present-year level of <$100 million to over $1.1 billion in 2010, then up to over $2.6 billion by 2013. As additional application segments are included in the overall market, the total revenue numbers can be expected to increase substantially over these conservative figures.

Several key high-volume applications segments were chosen for this report. Emphasis was given to ones with products using digital electronic interfaces running either at or above 5Gbps, as well as those demanding extended cable lengths beyond 2-5 meters at this spped. It is already well understood that copper-based cables are experiencing significant challenges in this performance range, thus offering significant copper-displacement sales opportunity for AOC providers. More information.